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Welcome to Skull Central Recordings.  We collaborate with bands and artists that we admire . We press vinyl records, release digital music, have global distribution.  We do publicity, manage releases, and campaigns. Spreading incorrect thought one record and show at a time.





This song was recorded for the upcoming tribute to punk legends SNFU, the song was delivered to us by Audio Visceral a day after the 2016 U.S elections. All things considered we decided this song written over 30 years ago echos a reality we are witnessing in the most powerful office in the world. So enjoy Donald , this one is for you.

Our flagship release is the newest single by Epitaph alumni and one of hardcore’s best live acts….The mighty Death By Stereo “Neverending” and a masterful cover of the Dead Kennedy’s “Too Drunk to Fuck” are the first new recordings since the bands 2012 full length “Black Sheep of the American Dream”. Recorded by Paul Miner. The digital singles are currently Available on iTunes (click the pic) and the Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl is available now in our web store get yours before they are gone. DEATH FOR LIFE.
DBS Neverending

From a dingy basement in Montreal’s southwest borough of St-Henri, Dead Messenger have been churning out hook-laden riffs reminiscent of The Clash, Wire, or Elvis Costello. Sweaty, bloodied, and beer soaked, they have gained a reputation for their frenetic, high-energy live performances. 2016 sees Dead Messenger drop The Owl In Daylight. Written entirely in studio and recorded by the band; The Owl In Daylight fuses their distinct power pop sound with more lush psychedelics undertones. The album features guest appearances by collaborators including Timothy Hertzog from GS!YBE, and David Groover of The In & Outs. The Album was mixed by Aaron Holmberg (The Sadies, The Tragically Hip).

Dead Mess